September means Lake Sturgeon Fishing!!

Lake Sturgeon caught on a day trip to the Wisconsin River in the Wisconsin Dells

Details & Information

Wisconsin's Lake Sturgeon season runs from the first Saturday of September until the end of September. We fish for these ancient creatures downstream of the Wisconsin Dells Dam on the Wisconsin River.  Catching the prehistoric Sturgeon is a once in a lifetime opportunity for many anglers. Children are welcome to take on this challenge during the Day trips but due to safety concerns we ask that no children under 12 years old take on the challenge during our Night trips. 

All sturgeon fishing is CPR. That is Catch, Photo and Release.  

Sturgeon Information

Lake Sturgeon can grow in excess of 5 feet long and 150 pounds in Wisconsin and put up a fight like you have never experienced!  These fish can live to be over 100 years old and haven't changed since the Triassic period some 245 MILLION years ago!  Sturgeon fishing with Fish Bones Guide Service is a chance for you and your children to catch a living DINOSAUR!

Sturgeon Fishing Pricing


7AM-10AM    (3HRS)   $250

7AM-NOON  (5HRS)   $360

7AM-3PM      (8HRS)   $450


6PM-10PM     (4HRS)       $300

6PM-MIDNIGHT (6HRS)   $420

6PM-2AM      (8HRS)        $500

* If you need/want to fish Lake Sturgeon at specific time, please message for availability.

Night trips tend to yield the best catch and largest fish